Grass Is an enhancer of joy

Turns out, one of life’s most important superheroes was in your backyard the whole time


It provides space

For children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), play in grassy outdoor areas has resulted in significantly better functioning and fewer symptoms than play that occurred without exposure to such spaces.

It improves quality-of-life

The aesthetic benefits include enhanced beauty and attractiveness; a complementary relationship to the total landscape ecosystem of flowers, shrubs and trees; improved mental health with a positive therapeutic impact, social harmony and stability; improved work productivity; and an overall better quality-of-life, especially in densely populated urban areas.

It's safer than turf

As a natural groundcover, turfgrass ensures our bodies are in good hands. Research demonstrates that natural grass prevents injuries while also enhancing our health.

It reduces stress

Lawns and exposure to natural outdoor greenery can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve attention and increase feelings of happiness and serenity.

It improves health

In 2002, The University of California – Riverside conducted research to support that hospital stays are positively affected by turfgrass and green spaces. Patients in hospital rooms with a view of nature and lawns recover more quickly than similar patients in rooms with a view of building walls.

It protects your legs

Recent research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine discovered 16% more lower body injuries on synthetic turf than on natural grass among elite NFL athletes between 2012 and 2016. If all NFL games played on synthetic turf were played on turfgrass during the study period, 319 fewer lower body injuries would be expected.

It's therapeutic

The care of turfgrass and plants can have a positive, therapeutic effect and is included in many rehabilitation programs. These programs have been successfully used to treat certain illnesses, aid in the recovery of disabled people and help the elderly stay mobile.

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