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WA Turfgrass Seed Commission

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Washington Turfgrass Seed Field
Washington Turfgrass Seed Field
Washington Turfgrass Seed Field
Washington Turfgrass Seed Field

Since 1984

Commission Purpose

The growers of turfgrass seed in Washington voted to establish the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission for the purposes of funding research in the production, processing, or distribution of turfgrass seed-by-products, and establishing and conducting programs to develop markets for turfgrass seed and its byproducts, including straw utilization projects.

In accordance with the marketing order, the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission collects assessments from growers to pursue its purposes.



What We Do



Provide for research in the production, processing, irrigation, transportation, handling, or distribution of turfgrass seed and expend the necessary funds for those purposes.


Provide for collection and dissemination of information pertaining to turfgrass seed and turfgrass seed by-products, including programs to market and promote turfgrass seed produced in Washington.

Market and Promotion

Establish and conduct programs to develop markets for turfgrass seed and its by-products.




Seed assessment

The Washington Turfgrass Seed Assessment

The Washington Turf Seed Commission collects 0.3% (three-tenths of one percent) on the net receipts on all Kentucky Bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, hard fescue, slender fescue and creeping red fescue from production areas east of the summit of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Monies are collected at the first point of sale and is deducted from the price paid to the grower. The person or company collecting the assessment on behalf of the grower submits assessment to WSTC.

We offer a few different options to send WTSC your Assessment Form. Please follow the link below for more information.


Washington state produces some of the highest quality turfgrass seed in the world. Our climate is ideal for turfgrass seed production and affords producers the ability for a quick turnaround. In general, Washington turfgrass seed planted in August may be harvested the following July.
〉11-month turnaround for seed grown under irrigation

〉15-month turnaround for dryland production

〉High quality

〉Acreage and flexibility to meet demand


In the Pacific Northwest, (Idaho, Oregon & Washington), 90% of the industry’s Bluegrass seed is grown. Much of that comes from Washington state.

Where Our Seed is Used

〉Home Lawns

〉Parks & Recreation


〉Golf courses

〉Sports Fields

〉Sod farms in cool-season climates

WTSC Membership


Membership in the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission is mandated by the assessment. All turfgrass seed producers in the state, east of the Cascades, are subject to the WTSC seed assessment and, thereby, become members. The assessment is used to grow the industry and to fund research, which benefits all grower members.

WTSC Research

Our organization has produced great research for public use.


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