Turns out, one of life’s most important superheroes was in your backyard the whole time.

A protector of nature

Lawns clean the air and trap CO2. Turfgrass improves air quality and helps slow down climate change. Climate is controlled at ground level by turfgrasses as they cool temperatures appreciably, thus working as exterior “air conditioners.” Dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are trapped by turf which helps keep the air cleaner. 

An enhancer of joy

Natural grassy outdoor areas can improve physical and mental well-being. Lawns and exposure to natural outdoor greenery can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve attention and increase feelings of happiness and serenity. Grass is a low-cost surface for outdoor sport and leisure activities and a unique low-cost cushion against personal impact injuries.

A defender of community

Grass plays a very important role in retaining top soil. Grasses improve soil structure, allowing water to better permeate the soil. Zones that are stabilized by turfgrasses enhance safety on roads and airfields by reducing run-off which can cause flooding. Turfgrasses also diminish soil erosion which muddies surfaces and they absorb dust improving visibility.

Where it comes from

The Washington Difference

More than 90% of the world’s Kentucky Bluegrass comes from the farms of the Pacific Northwest, and a large part of it comes from Washington.

Washington produces some of the highest quality turfgrass seed in the world. Our climate is ideal for turfgrass seed production and affords producers the ability for a quick turnaround. In general, Washington turfgrass seed planted in August may be harvested the following July.

The eastern side of the state produces the majority of the turfgrass seed in the region.

Creeping Red Fescue

Hard Fescue

Tall Fescue

Slender Fescue

Perennial Ryegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Where Our Seed is Used

〉Home Lawns
〉Parks & Recreation
〉Golf courses
〉Sports Fields
〉Sod farms in cool-season climates

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