History of

WA Turfgrass Seed Industry

The growers of Turfgrass Seed in Washington voted to establish the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission for the purposes of funding research in the production, processing, or distribution of turfgrass seed, collecting and disseminating information on turfgrass seed and turfgrass seed by-products, and establishing and conducting programs to develop markets for turfgrass seed and byproducts, including straw utilization projects.  In accordance with the marketing order, the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission collects assessments from growers to pursue its purposes.

2017 Certified Seeding Acres:

Kentucky Bluegrass: 16,148 acres
Perennial Ryegrass: 1,425 acres
Tall Fescue: 1,760 acres
Hard Fescue: 164 acres

2017 Producing Acres

Kentucky Bluegrass: 24,859 acres
Perennial Ryegrass: 2,810 acres
Tall Fescue: 4,123 acres
Hard Fescue: 224 acres

2017 Average Number of Seeds per Pound in Pacific Northwest Turfgrasses

Kentucky Bluegrass: 1,022,000-1,758,000
Perennial Ryegrass: 210,000-270,000
Tall Fescue: 178,000-234,000
Hard Fescue: 592,000

Turfgrass Seed Varietals Grown in WA State

The Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission collects commission on the following varieties of grass seed grown east of the Cascade Mountains:

(Forage fescue and reclamation grass seed varieties are excluded from the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission’s marketing order, along with all grass seed produced west of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.)

Kentucky Bluegrass

Perennial Ryegrass

Tall Fescue

Hard Fescue

Slender Fescue

Creeping Red Fescue

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