Grass Is a defender of community

Turns out, one of life’s most important superheroes was in your backyard the whole time


It reduces noise

Noise is absorbed by grass areas which cut down on excessive sound, a growing problem in urban areas. It also reduces glare and visual pollution problems.

It reduces runoff

Extensive root systems on turf grasses lock soil in place and protect it from loss by wind and water. Erosion of soil by water is effectively controlled by grasses as they intercept raindrops before they disturb the soil and they also slow the flow of water which minimizes soil loss.

It improves soil

Natural lawns and lawn clippings increase beneficial soil activity, recondition soil and improve soil quality.

It protects groundwater

Groundwater is enhanced in two ways by a dense turf. Turfgrasses increase infiltration of water and clean the water as it passes which in turn recharges the underground water supplies used by all of us.

It sequesters carbon

Rather than being released into the atmosphere and adding to greenhouse gasses, carbon, sequestered by grass, is held in soil where it eventually becomes organic matter.

It protects your home

Healthy, well-maintained turf grasses can act as fire retardants and firebreaks, offering significant protection during wildfires.

It looks good

Healthy, established lawns improve the look and feel of the community. Open green spaces in parks, yards and fields enhance the quality of life for community members and visitors.

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