WTSC Annual Meeting

See you at the Ag Show!

The WTSC is hosting its annual meeting on the morning of Thursday, February 6 at the Spokane Ag Show at the Spokane Convention Center. We will be hearing from guest speakers on issues pertaining to seed growing in our region, as well as reviewing research proposals and setting the 2020 agenda. We need your help directing funds to appropriate research for our industry. Meet the commissioners and make your voice heard. Registration is free and includes tickets to the Ag Show! Lunch is also included with registration. Meeting will be held in one of the Farm Forum seminar rooms.

We need all participants to register beforehand so we have a headcount for meals and Ag Expo tickets. Please email Kara (krowe@nxnw.net) and register before January 6. Please include your name, address, and number of people from your farm or group planning to attend (include their email addresses as well).

Draft Agenda

8:30am Welcome / Continental Breakfast

9:00am Guest Speaker – Tom Tebb, Washington Department of Ecology, Director of the Office of the Columbia River

9:45am Integrated Disease Management of Ergot in Kentucky Bluegrass – Jeremiah Dung 2019 Report – 10 Minutes / 2020 Proposal – 20 Minutes

10:15am The Effect of Manure Amendment on Soil pH and Soil Health in Grass Seed Fields – Ruijun Qin 2019 Report – 10 Minutes / 2020 Proposal – 20 Minutes

10:45am Investigating Social Benefits of Natural Turfgrass in Urban Areas, Dr. Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota 2020 Proposal – 20 Minutes

11:05am Reducing Vernalization Requirements of Kentucky Bluegrass through Cultivar Selection and Agrnomics, Dr. Erick Watkins, University of Minnesota
2020 Proposal – 20 Minutes

11:25am Annual Meeting and New Business/Review of the WTSC 2019 Accomplishments

12:00pm Lunch

12:15pm Guest Speaker – Rianne Perry, Washington Department of Agriculture, Manager of the Export Marketing Division

1:00pm Wrap Up

Thank you to Syngenta for sponsoring our meals!