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The growers of Turfgrass Seed in Washington voted to establish the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission for the purposes of funding research in the production, processing, or distribution of turfgrass seed, collecting and disseminating information on turfgrass seed and turfgrass seed by-products, and establishing and conducting programs to develop markets for turfgrass seed and byproducts, including straw utilization projects. In accordance with the marketing order, the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission collects assessments from growers to pursue its purposes.

Turfgrass Seed Growers Annual Meeting

The Board of Commissioners of the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission announces the WA Turfgrass Seed Growers Annual Meeting.  All growers, dealers and interested parties are invited to attend.  As part of the Commission’s WAC, it is required that the Commission holds an annual meeting for those that produce or have an interest in the production of turfgrass seed.   

We encourage you to come and participate and give your input on the direction you would like to see the Turfgrass Seed Commission move. 

Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Time: 10:00 am
Place: Tri-Cities, WA