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The growers of Turfgrass Seed in Washington voted to establish the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission for the purposes of funding research in the production, processing, or distribution of turfgrass seed, collecting and disseminating information on turfgrass seed and turfgrass seed by-products, and establishing and conducting programs to develop markets for turfgrass seed and byproducts, including straw utilization projects. In accordance with the marketing order, the Washington Turfgrass Seed Commission collects assessments from growers to pursue its purposes.

WA Turfgrass Seed Commission Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the WA Turfgrass Seed Commission will be held on Thursday, January 18, 2018 at the Hotel RL by Red Lion Spokane at the Park (300 West North River Drive, Spokane, WA).  The meeting will begin at 10:00am.  The program will include 2017 research updates, 2018 research proposals and an annual report of the WTSC Commission.  


The WA Turfgrass Seed Commission recently published the first ever WA Turfgrass Seed Commission Annual Report.  Click the link below to view the report.